Meowfluencers Priviledges

Dear pawrents,ย 

Here's your special priviledges if you decide to be part of our Meowfluencers furmily:

You will get an unique discount code to share with yourย followers.

  • Discount code is valid for every order, not just first order.
  • You can use it too.

You will earn SGD 1 each time your discount code is used on orders above SGD 50, per order.

  • You will receive a monthly report on the 5th of each month to show the total number of times your code has been used.
  • Earnings will not apply to returns, refunds or cancelled orders.
  • Earnings can only be cashed out at the end of the season. It will be deposited to your indicated bank account viaย Paynow or bank transfer.

You will receive a special Meowfluencer package.

  • You can leverage on the item(s) for newsfeed or Story contents throughout your season.

You are not obligated to make any number of posts, it's all up to you.

  • The more frequent you shout out about your code, the more likely your followers will see and use it, and you will benefit too.
  • Sometimes you will receive promotions and contests beforehand, please help to share the news with your followers.
  • You can use your own creativity to shout out about your discount code any time.
  • You can re-share posts and Stories from FOR THE CATTOย Instagram or Facebook account any time.

Every season lasts six months.

  • Your discount code will be disabled at the end of your season but you can always use the codes of the new Meowfluencers.

A little reward for the top Meowfleuncer.

  • The top Meowfluencer will receive a SGD 50 shop voucher, which you can use to redeem any products from the store.
  • In addition, you will receive a SGD 10 Starbucks card as a reward for taking care of the top Meowfluencer.

So what say you, in or out? ;)

โฅYours furfully,
Purrito, the Chief Cat Butler


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